Your Legacy Begins Now was developed by Brian A. Street to work with organizations, small businesses, and individuals to transform them into successful leaders in life, regardless of any past or current obstacles, external or internal, acting in opposition. 

Brian is a firm believer that life will always work out in your favor regardless of the obstacles that you face, IF you are willing to make the temporary sacrifices and put in the work necessary to get you to where you want life to take you.

What Brian brings to the table:

–More than a decade of cross-discipline experience–

–More than 5 years of self-education on entrepreneurship, leadership & success mentality–

–More than 7 years of formal education focused on Psychology, the Spanish Language & Social Work Administration and Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship —

–2 Bachelor Degrees & 1 Master Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi & currently pursuing a PhD at Louisiana State University–

–Extensive community leadership engagement throughout Mississippi, Alabama, and branching in to Louisiana–

Who Brian has worked with:

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