Your Legacy Begins Now | Brian A. Street, MSW

Your Legacy Begins Now was developed by Brian A. Street to work with organizations, small businesses, and individuals to transform them into successful leaders in life, regardless of any past or current obstacles acting in opposition. 


Brian is a firm believer that life will always work out in your favor regardless of the obstacles that you face, IF you are willing to make the temporary sacrifices and put in the work necessary to get you to where you want life to take you.

9 Benefits of Working with Brian:

More than a decade of multiple-disciplinary experience in the areas of industrial safety and construction, software programing, restaurant management, hotel management, network marketing, youth and adult counseling,
mentorship, leadership consulting, public speaking, and much more
More than 5 years of self-education on entrepreneurship, leadership, and success mentality
More than 7 years of formal higher education with three degrees focused on Psychology, the Spanish Language, Social Work Administration and Social Entrepreneurship
2 Bachelor’s Degrees & 1 Master’s Degree for the University of Southern Mississippi and currently pursuing a PhD at Louisiana State University
Extensive community leadership engagement throughout Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana
Cultural competency from having lived in multiple states and multiple countries for various periods of time as an adult
Highly self-motivated with multiple years of international and regional leadership consulting
Thrives off the success of those around him, so you’re success fuels him
Life-long mission to help the masses identify their gift, tie their passion around it, and walk in their purpose by using that gift to positively impact the world

Who Brian has worked with:


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“I went to school with Brian years ago, back when we were just kids. I can remember him always having a smile on his face. We reconnected on Facebook a while back and I am so glad we did. Brian is always so positive! Recently I went through a devastating loss of a dear friend and Brian was there if I ever needed to talk. In a time where so many people are negative and judgmental on Facebook, I know I can wait for a post from him to remind me of where I need to keep my thoughts. I even saved a screenshot of a workout he posted a couple weeks ago and I’m staying true to it to this day!”
– B. Kitchens
“Brian and I have been friends for around 10 years now and he has always been such an inspiration to me and had the ability to inspire so many others. I am new to network marketing and if you know anything about network marketing you know that starting your business and organization is not the easiest thing. Brian has given me nothing but good advice and when I seem to be feeling like “maybe network marketing isn’t for me” he tags me in an inspirational/uplifting/goal oriented message on Facebook and then I am back to the grind.”
– S. Farr
“As I finish my day I want to remember my friend whose posts really motivate me and give me the reason to challenge life: Brian Street….You mean so much to me. I am humbled to have you as a friend.”
H. M. Wangara

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