Whether you’re an individual or you represent a company, organization or academic institute…I want to help you break the chain that’s holding you back from your greatness. 

South Mississippi raised, Miami developed and internationally molded. I had small beginnings and numerous ups and downs, but once I developed the proper relationships, got the right coaching and stopped worrying about what others thought of me, my life went to a completely new level.

Since 2015 I have co-founded one social business, co-developed a non-profit organization, founded my own independently run social business, co-developed two youth programs and served as an entrepreneur trainer and consultant as well as a cognitive behavioral coach to countless individuals across the globe including website development and content creation for high profile clients up and down the US east coast.

During the times we’re going through, more and more individuals are needing mental and emotional support to combat anxiety and depression in the face of fear and uncertainty. Most of these individuals are looking to start generating income in new ways in order to offset the cost of job loss and temporary closure of workplaces. In the academic space, new ways of educating students and new competencies in teachers and instructors are needed. I provide remedies to each of these areas.

Serving as a Social Entrepreneur, I render services across multiple industries serving in roles such as Mental Health Specialist, Leadership & Educational Consultant, Program Developer, Curriculum Developer, Content Creator, Personal Enrichment Coach, and more. Said services have been rendered behind the a variety of high level partnerships along with 10+ years of entrepreneurial and academic experience.


“As my accountability partner, Brian doesn’t judge me, give up on me, and he …(more)
– Reda Taleb, DreamCatcher Innovations
“I had my first paid one on one coaching client today!! I was a bit nervous but had prepared…(more)
– Kelly Gervais, Power Engineer & Performance Coach
“I’ve been following Brian and his posts for about 5 to 6 months now…(more)
– Donald Machacon, Realtor


Some of those I’ve worked with:

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