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November 11th was day one of pre-orders for my first ever paperback book, “Up From the Street”, and if you act quickly, I have a treat for you…(keep reading). 

“Up From the Street” is a chronological deception of the ups and downs of my life. These ups and downs range from being bullied as a kid to being in modeling contests as a teen, and from being kicked out of college yet eventually being blessed to grace the cover of a Master’s level academic program’s marketing material and recruited to LSU to complete a doctoral degree, while also running my social business, Your Legacy Begins Now, LLC.

In case you were unaware, I recently released my first ebook, “Your Journey Towards Self-Actualization”. This book outlines 8 key principles that I implemented throughout various times in my life that helped transition me from one stage to another; from darkness back into the light. See below for a special announcement.

Here comes the good part: I’m allowing the first 10 entrepreneurs whose businesses operate in the space of personal growth or mentorship to promote their personal business in my book as one of my sponsors when you place a pre-order. If you or someone that you know is an entrepreneur under the age of 17 he or she can also be a sponsor and be showcased in the book. And finally, your sponsorship comes with a free copy of my brand new updated paperback success manual inspired by “Your Journey Towards Self-Actualization”, (available in late 2019).

So, your business will be exposed to everyone that purchases a copy my book across the globe, plus you get an additional gift along with your promotion. I currently work with clients in 4 different countries across 3 different continents, so imagine the reach that you could have.

Act quickly!

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