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I hope all is well with you, and I’m pleased that you came across the information regarding our personal enrichment program, as it has life altering potential. Our program is designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams in life either quicker, easier or both. Regardless if you’re looking to have accountability to help you attain your physical fitness goals, start your small business, increasing academic success or grow your nonprofit organization, we have a multi-faceted program designed to help you get that accomplished at an expedited rate with added ease.

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On the other side of things, our program provides a platform and opportunity for those of you looking to practice and be compensated for your leadership skills by working towards eventually become a coach, speaker and trainer within our programs. We prepare you to start, monetize and succeed in your own speaking, coaching and training business so that you are able to impact the lives of those in your circle of influence, plus the lives of those we help you learn to attract to your services. All of this and more is possible for you with our program.

I am working with leaders from all over the world to help develop a better and more empowered society for our current and next generation as well as the generations to come. I have years of experience, formal and self-education, on activity and principles necessary to prepare the next generation for success, and in collaboration with other leaders from around the United States and many other countries around the world, I feel that we can spark a movement like none other.

Feel free to read about my personal work here: Your Legacy Begins Now.

The RichWay Personal Enrichment Program is specifically designed to help you achieve your dreams and goals by using the resources below. We look to help you use this program to become a more impactful leader in your area and generate revenue to go towards supporting that which you have deep passions for in life.

Within this program you have access to:

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Every component of our program listed above is designed for you to bring your goals to our awareness and receive the support to bring them to reality. We have the resources to assist you with the entire process; from conception to high levels of profitability. All of our coaches will be the added forces to expedite your route to success. Additional members will be the additional accountability to help you achieve your goals and our platform will give you the space to start a journey towards success in whichever direction you are going in life.

Review the content below then reach back out to me to discuss the next actions.

This video explains the importance of having a coach while on your journey to accomplish your goals and dreams in life.

This video gives a more in-depth look at our program and its impact on individuals.

This video announces one of our upcoming event at that time. We aim to bring a similar event to your area when all properly aligns with your goals and growth of influence.

This video highlights a financial breakthrough training we just finished up. You can see the speaking lineup here. To do whatever we want in life, we need money. This seminar helps you learn the principles necessary to acquire the money needed to accomplish the missions we are on in life.

This is the first look at a thorough breakdown of the RichWay Personal Enrichment Program through an interview with the CEO & Founder, Ricky Bennett.

This video breaks down the multiple facets of our program.
#401’Rich Youth – Co-Author Program – Rich Seminars – Chris Holder and much more.

Hear how you can become a Certified Personal Enrichment Coach, and EARN INCOME while in the process of receiving your certification.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 1.22.15 AMWe’re in the VERY early stages of rolling out this youth program. We have launched in Hampton, VA and Houston, TX and planning to launch in 5 additional cities. If you have a passion and/or experience working in the space of youth empowerment, you could possibly be the a coordinator in your area, or help us identify a local coordinator.

Take a read of this review written about our program by a former member that has taken their own coaching business to another level. 

With the value that our program will give you, there is a fee to get started, and along with that, we are a special type of program that puts your goals as the centerpiece and helps you achieve them before you complete our program.

After you have reviewed the material above, reach out to me so that we can get you started. The button below will outline our 6 steps to getting started, but I will walk you through the process. 

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