The RichWay PEP Enrollment Process


Anything of value comes along with an investment or some sort. That can be a time investment, energy investment, monetary investment, or a combination of many different types of investments. The RichWay initial investment is listed here and the time and energy of our coaches, trainers and speakers will go into making sure you get the value for your investment.

Start here:

  1. Payment: $599 for the Program
    • You receive a 100 discount and only pay $499 if you decide to pay-in-full (Click image below for this option)
      Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 12.58.22 AM
    • If you aren’t able to pay-in-full, you can take advantage of  payment plan:
      • Your upfront cost will be $169, including; $129 enrollment fee and the $39 monthly due
      • These are two separate transactions:
        • First you select the image below, scroll to the bottom that page and complete the $129 enrollment fee.
          Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 12.59.09 AM
        • After you complete that, click on the “subscription” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page for the $39 monthly due.
          Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 12.59.23 AM
          Send a Screenshot of your completed payments once you get your confirmation.
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions:
    Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.01.13 PM
  3. At this link, complete this placement form:
    • Let me know what questions you have.
  4. Insert your name, email and number in the box down below on this page.
    Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 1.08.59 AM
  5. Download WhatsApp and I will add you to the new member orientation announcement thread.
  6. Get your foundation set as 1 Star Achiever.
    Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.33.13 PM

Then we go to WORK.

Please leave any feedback to improve this process for future visitors.