“This was incredible!!! People pay thousands of dollars for training from this gentleman!ย ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž”

– B. Roberts

“Words canโ€™t express how much I needed this training! For real!ย ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ”

– K. Baker

You took the time to have faith in others when they might not have had the faith in their own abilities. You have kept a positive attitude while pushing towards overcoming obstacles and into a successful future.”

–ย  D. Fleshman

“Brother, you have pushed me to be a better man overall. I have more compassion for most things in my life, whereas, I didn’t have much at all before. Watching you and your state of mind as an entrepreneur has elevated my game and pushes me to want to become greater.”

–ย  C. Chambers

“Inspiration bro. Even when I’m busy with work and wedding plannings for next year I never forget to work on my goals, and it’s because of you and especially your posts on Facebook.”

–ย  E. Garcia

“As my accountability partner, Brian doesn’t judge me, give up on me, and he energetically shows up for me even through the tough “character building” days when I don’t attain my goals the first time around. He has reinforced important values that we both live by and impart to our respective clients: failure is part of success, always strive for the best version of yourself, and don’t ever accept someone else’s limitations as you own. I’ve sought his advice on health and fitness, overcoming fears, and feel confident seeking his advice and wisdom on any new life goal. He’s the People’s Champ! Point. Blank. Period. And I’m grateful to have him in my circle of influence.”

–ย  R. Taleb

โ€œI had my first paid one on one coaching client today!! I was a bit nervous but had prepared plenty for it and now I’ve been on a high, feeling great. I utilized your coaching format so thank you!

K. Gervais

I really enjoy your posts and they inspire me.

– S.M. Braender

Congrats on the life you’ve created. It’s inspiring.

– N. Preston

I just wanted to thank you for going to speak with the kids at ANCHOR, I actually have three young men of my own who go there…I can’t express how much it means to me as a parent to have someone take interest in children who have the things going on that they do. I’m hoping that you will be able to make more trips here, all our boys need active role models! Thank you for what you’re doing

– L. T. Wonsley

Man I just saw your video this morning about speaking to others…Keep doing what you’re doing fam, I’m extremely proud of you.

– J. Street

You are the people’s champ don’t forget that. They need to hear you! The community needs your voice, when you talk people listen. You are the chosen one!

– Team Think Big, D. V. Bolton

I took some of your advice, you know our family doesn’t see color, but we saw a state trooper in Waffle House the other day and we decided to pay for his breakfast. Cops have it hard right now anyways regardless of color, we just want to try to break the barrier a little chip at a time. One nice gesture spreads good vibes. Your words really help sink in to how I try to live my daily life.

– N. M. Drinkard

I’ve been following Brian and his posts for about 5 to 6 months now. I look for them as a form of Inspiration To Success. They instruct me to not only better my life but be a better person in general. He and his posts not only inspire me but has made me notice that I am not alone in this journey. There are many in this world that are good and there is more than enough room for us as people to be good to one another. I continue to look for his posts and will support Brian because of his good intentions to help others.

–ย  D. Machacon

As an ENTREPRENEUR we have to face many obstacles on the way to success and you don’t have the right motivation and a mentor to guide you, chances are that you are going to FAIL MISERABLY. For that reason, Brian Street and I decided to partner up and build a motivational system that will give you the fire you need to SUCCEED IN YOUR BUSINESS…Brian Street is a motivational icon with a huge amount of followers on Facebook that look up to him.

–ย  A. Cordero

As I finish my day I want to remember my friends whose posts really motivate me and give me the reason to challenge life: Brian Street…..You guys mean so much to me. I am humbled to have you as friends.

–ย  H. M. Wangara

It was quite the honor speaking with you today. I love the qualities you encompass. My company would be blessed to have you as a partner.

–ย  V. Mirth

I went to school with Brian years ago, back when we were just kids. I can remember him always having a smile on his face. We reconnected on Facebook a while back and I am so glad we did. Brian is always so positive! Recently I went through a devastating loss of a dear friend and Brian was eager to reach out to let me know he was there if I ever needed to talk. In a time where so many people are negative and judgmental on Facebook, I know I can wait for a post from him to remind me of where I need to keep my thoughts. I even saved a screenshot of a workout he posted a couple of weeks ago and I’m staying true to it to this day!

– B. Kitchens

Brian and I have been friends for around 10 years now and he has always been such an inspiration to me and had the ability to inspire so many others. I am new to Network Marketing and if you know anything about network marketing you know that starting your business and organization is not the easiest thing. Brian has given me nothing but good advice and when I seem to be feeling like “maybe network marketing isn’t for me” he tags me in an inspirational/uplifting/goal oriented message on Facebook and then I am back to the grind!!!

– S. Farr

Hey Brian, I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone here. I always see you sending uplifting messages on your Facebook. I’m a stay at home mom, I home-school my kids, and I’ve tried several times to ‘work from home’. Right now I’m trying to promote a free sports app. The problem is that I’m so intimidated. I don’t want to pester people. How do I get past something like that? How do I promote what I’m trying to do in a manner that gets people interested instead of making them roll their eyes?…Thank you for the advice, I always look forward to your posts about being successful and living the life you want.

– M. Miller

Saw your post the other day about people talking behind your back. I know you know this but keep doing what you’re doing. Your positive attitude is contagious and your willingness to serve is inspiring. I, for one, look forward to your posts, as many help remind me of my purpose.

–ย  J. Coll

This young man Brian Street is the people’s champ. I believe he’s next up on the national platform. He’s got the passion, the knowledge, the wisdom, comes from a strong family, and is a family man himself. If you have a youth group definitely book him to speak.

– Team Think Big, D. V. Bolton

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