Socio-political Movements…Like so much, it’s all perspective.

History is filled with the political turmoil created by groups engaging in collective actions in an attempt to bring about social change. In fact, the historical record is so teeming with such instances that it seems eminently reasonable to posit movements and conflict as rooted in the very nature of social order itself. To paraphraseContinue reading “Socio-political Movements…Like so much, it’s all perspective.”

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Updated Website… Book your Free Consultation today! 

You Become What You Think About

What is it that you think about the most?  Have you ever stopped to think about that; to think about what you think about? Most people don’t think about things like that, and that’s exactly why they will never reach the level of success that they truly aim to reach.     You must consciously feedContinue reading “You Become What You Think About”