The Perfect Fit…From this Day Forward

* Read to the end then let’s have some dialogue.

Let me first start off by saying how honored I am by everyone that has reached out and continues to reach out to me regarding distributorship/representative/agent/independent consultant opportunities with the company that they are working with, BUT, that is now in my past.

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As of 2015 I’ve been building my own personal brand that is built on my personal experience along with my formal and self-educational investment of time and energy. I may be “a perfect fit” for your opportunity in your eyes, but your focus on your opportunity will never allow you to listen and understand the reasons behind my focus and time investment in building my own brand and polishing my craft in my areas of passion and purpose.
My business model is designed to generate income streams through my coaching, speaking, training, consulting, and other services that laser in on me being the product, and the purpose is to aid in funding the development and sustainability of transitional-aged adolescent & young adult mentoring and educational programming.  I’m the product developing the product through all of my services and that is where my time and energy investment is aimed from this point forward. Along the journey of generating the revenue to fund this work I have started working in partnership with a successful entrepreneur out of New York to help individuals around the world start to generate 6-figures and beyond in whatever line of business they’re in. We are the products behind the products promoting ourselves with our skills and resources.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 3.22.00 AMI aim to continue to serve as a mentor, coach, trainer for any company, organization, school, franchise, entrepreneur etc. to help you break the chain that’s holding you and those you serve back from your greatness. I’ve had the sweetest and most admirable individuals connect with me throughout this year regarding their companies. I have not been able to take much if any action towards the internal workings of their company due to my focus on building my brand to serve those who are nearest to my heart.
I keep my options open when it comes to serving as a trainer, coach, mentor etc. for representatives of your company, please feel free to navigate the services section of my website and see if there is any way I can help you with whatever direction you’re aiming to grow in life.
I know that I will have a few individuals to reach out to me if they read the entire blog entry, and I welcome the dialogue.


Six Years to the Date… OG to YLBN

On February 9th of 2012 I made a decision that I attribute the vast majority of my current success to.

At the time I was going into my final year of undergraduate studies at The University of Southern Mississippi where I was double majoring in Psychology and Spanish. I had plans of moving to Miami Florida, finding a counseling related job in some helping field, and working my way up to someday havinScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 3.30.58 AMg an administrative position where I’d me as close as possible to six figures per year. Anyways, back to February 9, 2012; a week or so earlier I was introduced to a network marketing company by the name of Organo Gold. Anyone familiar with the industry understands the initial prospecting activities leading up to the close and registration as a representative of the company. I had not previously allowed a pitch to get this far, but there were a few things different about this time. For one, the main product being distributed was something that I was already consuming, but in a less healthy version.  Second, the track record of the company’s leadership was quite nice. Third and most important to me at the time, my former favorite NFL Receiver to play with on MADDEN Football (Rod Smith, of the Denver Broncos) ended up on the other end of the line talking to me about his belief in the company and it’s vision. I really respected him as a man and athlete, so I didn’t think he would steer me wrong in a business deal.  At that time I was a complete amateur and my results reflected it, the gentleman that signed me up into the program had to end up relocating to another state shortly after I came into the business and I allowed that to let me become discouraged, but I would eventually, after some different business leader took me under his wings, grow a small team of distributors in South Mississippi which fizzled out reasonably quick for a variety of reasons.

Throughout the initial year I saw a small amount of success as it relates to product sales, but I was clearly not the person I needed to be in order to experience timely success in the industry. (We will revisit this portion of the story at the end.)

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There was one specific night in 2013 that I was out at a training event that end up lasting until nearly 1am. It was a weekday, so I knew my wife was going to have something to say about it, but the information that I was receiving was so intense and transformational, that I couldn’t bring myself to leave. Within the next day or so I had a conversation with my wife regarding my meetings and business workings that I was so diligently engaged in without yielding noticeable monetary returns. It ended up being a rather intense and emotionally tolling conversation because she did not see the value in my continuing forward on this track, but I had this intuitive feeling that there was greater at the end of the road. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I knew there was something.  I stuck at it and loved the products plus I saw my group of friends start to change for the better, I saw my outlook on life change for the better, I saw my perspective of money change for the better, and I saw how all of this was pushing me down a path that looked so beautiful and prosperous.

After a year or so of ups and downs, successes and struggles through this company I added extensive self-education on entrepreneurship due to my finding myself around so many entrepreneurs at the time. I started applying more business success principles to my life, growing levels of self-confidence and not taking no for an answer pushed me to attain a masters degree which surrounded me with another group of successful leaders. All of this brought me to working up the idea of starting something that is MINE, but with the potential of helping change lives across the globe, and exactly on Feb. 9, 2018 (exactly six years after registering with Organo Gold), congratulating me on the formation of my first legal business, Your Legacy Begins Now, LLC. Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 3.22.00 AM

This may not be a big deal to some, but to me, knowing what all I’ve been through, arriving here  made this one of the best days ever.

In closing I say to you, see purpose in all that you do on your journey towards self-actualization. Trust the process and embrace the struggle, and when you have a dream to do something, never give up. If you partner with a network marketing company, don’t start tripping when the success doesn’t happen over night. Get you the proper mentoring, coaching and support system to become the person you need to be and your likelihood of success will skyrocket. It may take 6 week, 6 months, or 6 years, but if you really want it, never give up, and it can be yours.

Much love to all my supporters, clients, associates, mentors and also all my critics. This has only just begun.

And remember, you can start today to do what’s necessary to live YOUR life of purpose, because Your Legacy Begins Now.