Speaking Engagements

After more than four years of speaking to small groups of five to ten people all the the way to speaking in front of crowds upwards of seven hundred people, Mr. Brian A. Street has had the humble pleasure to have motivated numerous individuals around world to see something more in themselves when they initially did not realize it was there.

Speaking Experience

  • Mr. Street began his public speaking career in 2012 when he entered the network marketing industry where he gave business presentations to prospective partners and customers. He fed off of the fact that the material that he was delivering had the potential of positively changing his guests’ lives forever.
  • In 2013 Mr. Street began serving as a Foster Parent Support Specialist for His House Children’s Home……. where her traveled throughout Broward and Miami-Dade Counties speaking at community events, small churches as well as mega churches where he recruited foster parents for abused, abandoned and neglected children throughout the area. He also served as a State and Nationally Certified Foster Parent Trainer where he held traingings throughout the year to ensure quality parenting for these at-risk youth.
  • Starting in 2015 Mr. Street began speaking in elementary, middle, and high schools on topics such as alcohol and drug prevention along with speeches encouraging the students to believe in themselves, to always strive for their goals and to become a leader and not a follower. He speaks at juvenile detention centers to troubled adolescents where he encourages them to not allow their environments to dictate the course of their life. He utilizes social worker skills to develop the necessary rapport with these adolescents which allows them to open up to him and allow true emotions to be expressed.

I have and continue to study various professional motivational speaker to continuously expand my skill set in this avenue of my professional life.


I extend my services primarily to high schools with youth approaching graduation who may be in need of guidance and advice in regards to successfully entering into adulthood in a manner by which they will be positive contributors to society. Also I extend my services to employers in need of professional development training for their employees. These are those employees who do just enough not to be fired and are bringing the company down. Lastly I extend my services to any professional organization simply seeking to motivate their team.

I thoroughly enjoy a crowd that engages with the speaker, so do not invite me to speak in any venue where loud excitement is frowned upon.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”
-Henry Ford


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