Personal Enrichment Seminars and Financial Breakthrough Trainings

Our Personal Enrichment Seminars and Financial Breakthrough Trainings are designed to give you the face-to-face, personal interactions to help you lay out the exact gameplan to achieve your life’s dreams and goals. See where our Rich Seminar Tour is stopping next here –> Rich Seminar Tour <– or check out where I will be presenting in the list of events below.


Our Most Recent Training

Fin. BT TX (3)
June 22nd Financial Breakthrough Training in Hampton, Virginia
Training Led by Kendra N. Jones &amp; Brian A. Street (4)
April 27th Enrichment Seminar in New Orleans, Louisiana
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March, 22nd & 23rd Financial Breakthrough Training in Houston, Texas
Brian A. street (1)
January 19th Enrichment Seminar in Houston, Texas
June 18th Leadership Training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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