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To those who are at the least bit aware of the current state that today’s adolescents and young adults are in, you should know that WE ARE FAILING THEM. There is an old saying when referring to the upbringing of children that goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Most of us have forgotten this saying today, or either we just don’t care. We have come to an age where parents are no longer the authority figure in the home. Children today talk to their parents in any manner that they wish, they go and come from the house as they please, and they no longer need permission to do what they want. No, that doesn’t define all children, but it definitely defined many children in our inner city communities.


We have way too many children growing up in single parent households without a proper father figure, and sometimes without a proper mother figure. How then do we expect these children to grow into the young men and women that they were born to be and that they have the potential to be? To be honest, we can’t expect anything better from them than the generation before them produced. They are a product of their environment. We must ask ourselves what type of environment are these children growing up in, why, and what can be done to change it.

Starting in 2013 I was exposed to this population first hand during my work as a Child Welfare Professional in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Miami-Dade has some of the most crime infested and economically disadvantaged communities in all of the nation.

Image Credit: Georgian Douglas

I was able to work in these communities and see what life was like for some of these families. It was during this time that I grew a passion to seek out help for these young people. I began speaking at various churches and community events to recruit foster parents that were competent enough to take in and parent and mentor these children.

After developing myself as a speaker and polishing my passion to serve our young people in need of guidance, I returned to my previous home in Hattiesburg, MS to pursue a master’s degree in social work emphasizing on administration and empowerment. During this time my career really began to formulate. Within four months I was winning public speaking challenges aimed at the development of programs to address social needs of economically disadvantaged and under-served communities. Many more events that placed my on a platform to positively impact the community quickly started to follow (see portfolio).

I eagerly await new opportunities to motivate, mentor and empower countless young people throughout the local region, nationally and even internationally.

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“…and remember, your only limitations are those that you setup in your own mind or allow others to setup for you”

– Dr. Napoleon Hill

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