Mentally EmPOWERed Payment

In order to most efficiently serve you, I want to make the payment options as flexible as possible. Chose the option below that works best for you or let’s have a discussion so I can help you decide which is best for you:



This payment option allows you to pay on a week to week basis. The Pay-per-week option allows you at least (1) ~1.5 hour session and you have unlimited opportunities to make this selection throughout the month.



Monthly Payment

This payment option allows you to pay only once per month, yet book up to (5) 1 hour sessions throughout the month. The monthly payment option allows your (5) 1 hour sessions *unlimited WhatsApp Text and Voice Note Chats. – – – *The time windows for unlimited WhatsApp communication will be agreed upon prior to your initial session.



If neither payment option is feasible for you, let’s have a conversation around what your needs are, and I can meet you where you are.

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