Life Coaching

There are countless obstacles that we face in our everyday lives that can put us in a rut. We know that we have worth, and we know that we have passion to do great things in life, but we need assistance to get us over that initial hurdle. Sometimes we even meet other individuals that we notice are in a similar place in their life, and we’re able to help one another to a certain extent. The problem is, there is seldom a structured platform or pooled body of work from which the individual is able facilitate a coaching relationship.


I pull from more than 4 years of life and work experience in the counseling and mentoring fields and more than 4 years of social work education including a Master’s Degree, plus a current pursuit of a doctorate degree. Also, 5 years of self-education on personal development and success mentality gives me an expanded outlook on life and how to set and achieve goals that you never could have imagined that you could achieve. Complete the contact sheet at the bottom to inquire about one-on-one coaching.

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We are a Personal Enrichment Coaching (PEC) platform allowing driven individuals from around the world to enroll in a highly valuable, yet affordable PEC certification program to help them expand their current reach and impact as a life coach, personal development trainer, and/or motivational speaker.

Learn how this program is impacting lives like mine, and others all around the world.

The RichWay PEC program includes numerous benefits for those who have the passion to enrich their own lives as well as the lives of those around them.

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