Gen1 Legacy Purpose Discovery

Welcome to the World’s First
International Coaching Program of its kind,
Gen1 Legacy Purpose Discovery Coaching

At Gen1 our focus is to give you the tools necessary to become the first generation in your family to truly experience abundance while operating in your purpose. This program is for individuals looking to finally discover their purpose, develop the mindset to chase that purpose, then consistently level up though a prearranged partnership.
This program is designed for you to remain active for as long as it’s deemed necessary, but the goal is to graduate you to a higher level of assistance once you’ve demonstrated sufficient growth*.

Our services are designed to focus on you as an individual by helping you pull out your passions and combine them with that which you do well. This will give is the proper direction in which to lean in order to help develop your purpose focused journey. your strengths and working through your weak points in route to helping you develop the competence and confidence to start coaching and speaking on the big stage.

LCSA will maintain very small cohorts, and progress through the academy is dependent upon each individual member’s growth rate. The idea is to help you graduate to an independently operated coaching and/or speaking business where you run the show and impact lives across your desired audience through your own desired terms.

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