About Me


Brian A. Street, was born and raised in Lucedale, MS. He grew up in a lower middle class household where his father worked as a ship insulation supervisor making a decent income but doing extremely tough manual labor. His mother worked various jobs throughout the years to help support Brian and his three siblings; Zenita, Dwarin and Kimberley. Life was not always a walk-in-the-park for Brian’s family but they made the best of everything that they had.

Brian’s father always encouraged him to study hard so that he could grow up to get a good job in an office someday and not have to work years of back breaking manual labor like his father does. Brian graduated high school in 2004 after numerous years of successful athletic participation and balancing good grades, finishing with 3.89 GPA and intentions of enrolling at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM)  the following year. All went as planned and he became the first male of his on his paternal side of the family to graduate high school and move on to college, The University of Southern Mississippi in the city of Hattiesburg.

The first few years of Brian’s college career were not ideal at all. He was overran with an abundance of freedom, which he never had before, and his prioritization skills and time management was horrible. He spent all of his time in the on-campus sports facility and always procrastinated on his school work. His GPA dropped to 1.79 after 5 semesters which initiated academic suspension. He sat out of school starting summer of 2007 and went out into the working world. Life really hit him hard during this time, which included the birth of a baby boy with his girlfriend that he met just over a year earlier. By summer of 2010 he had gotten his act together and re-enrolled to the University with a newly focused mind.

He now maintained between a 3.5 and 4.0 GPA nearly every semester, even amongst getting married to the mother of his child and five year love of his life. Early in 2012 Brian connected with some very successful and influential business people who make a huge impact on his life, (to be address later).  He finally graduated in December of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in the Foreign Language of Spanish and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. He left to relocated to Miami, FL only days after graduation due to a decent paying transitional job waiting for him. This was an extremely exciting time for Brian but that didn’t last for long. That initial job fell through rather quickly which put Brian in a pretty bad financial bind less than 3 months from his arrival in Miami, and this was even worse than before because now his wife was now pregnant with their daughter.

Life really hit hard and Brian hit an all time low shortly after that job fell trough. (Some of his struggles are so depressing that they will be reserved for one of his soon to be released books.) Thankful to the people that he connected with in 2012, Brian soon realized that he had within him the necessary ingredients for a comeback. He utilized self taught skills to quickly land a couple of jobs to get back on his feet financially while working his Network Marketing business on the side. Eventually he landed a job in a field related to his studies and was on the road to a successful career. Throughout the next couple of years Brian connected with more influential and affluent individuals while continuously self-educating and studying the art of entrepreneurship. After nearly three years in Miami, Brian had finally developed himself into a respected professional in the South Florida area, but soon realized a few things about his life and surrounding that he wasn’t satisfied with. The opportunity to return to USM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi arose and he took full advantage. This was the opportunity he needed to be able to make an impact larger than he had ever imagined. After returning to USM to obtain a Master’s degree, Brian quickly became highly active and was able to make substantial impact on both local and state levels from competing in and winning business challenges leading to the co-development of a State of Mississippi Incorporated Business (Blueprint Health), and a Nutrition and Mentorship Program for the Mississippi Delta, as well as many other opportunities delivering youth empowerment speeches, public school faculty trainings, a keynote delivery, and many other engagements around the state as well as at a Mobile, AL youth leadership summer academy.

Currently Brian is serving as a leadership consultant, and an international personal enrichment coach, while also completing a PhD program at Louisiana State University.
He has had a decent amount of accomplishments over the past few years, but has plans to have a much larger impact throughout the coming years.

Now go live YOUR life of purpose, because Your Legacy Begins Now!


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