Financial Education

The simple fact of life is, “we don’t know what we don’t know until we know.” Growing up in the lower-middle and impoverished socioeconomic classes throughout the United States, it’s not uncommon for an individual to never have been exposed to investing or even ever have heard of anyone in their family getting into investing. So many of us are only familiar with linear income…being paid XYZ amount of money in return for XYZ amount of hours. When we enhance our financial knowledge and understand how to diversify our financial portfolio we can eventually leave the fields of financial slavery.

Digital Currency/Cryptocurrency

One secret that most successful individuals will tell you is that the best time to get involved with a new success movement, is at the beginning. Those who began investing in digital currency between 2009 and 2014 are extremely wealthy today. It’s not too late for you! At the same time, we must understand the potential volatility of this specific type of investing. 

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Find all current trends in the digital currency world here on the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations Site.

Bitcoin started the journey, but the capabilities are endless.


Jan. 26, 2018 Update:

As of December 2017, the exponential rise in the market has dropped when it comes to overall growth. Each coin is on more of a traditional stock “up and down” trend.

Always consult with a professional before getting deep into investments, and at the same time, continue to study and educate yourself on how to trade within the market. Learn when to buy and when to sell, where to hold your currency, which exchanges are the best, and which are most risky. When you are well educated and have a good consultant, you can enjoy some healthy gains from investing.



Learn how to get your piece of the digital currency pie.
It’s a lot simpler than you think.

There are more and more companies out there that allow you to participate in the digital currency market in a variety of different ways that fit your desire and lifestyle. See the slowly growing list below that I currently recommend*.

Remember, if you are new to investing and digital currency, please consult with an expert or semi successful investor while getting started.

There are numerous Youtube videos with expert analyses of how to navigate the digital currency market.

You can go ahead and create you an account on Coinbase to get started investing into digital currency, also create you an account on Binance to be available to buy and trade a large variety of digital currencies. It’s a very simple platform to utilize and will get you on your way to seeing returns you would have never imagined. If you have the least bit of intrigue when it comes to what you have just read about digital currency and the investment opportunity, please compete the contact form below to connect and let me guide you to a better financial future.

*Even recommended companies need to be researched as the industry is still in its infancy and not all companies are securely structured.

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