Ignorance Fueled Burning Bridges

Throughout my adult years dating back to when I was only 19 years old I have been witnessing individuals time after time reveal a side of them that many in their circle were blind of for years upon years. Thankfully, I was slowly educated to be able to sniff out some of those types of facades better and better over the most recent 5 years or so.
My exposure to cultures from all over the world has increased my ability to read people’s personalities, catch microaggressions and see the little things that they are hiding a bit better than before.

With that being said, over time, people’s true colors begin to really come out, especially during tense situations and circumstances. They put their foot in their mouth by blasting their

Image Credit: amboyguardian.com

ignorance (lack on knowledge) all across social media, not realizing that once it goes up, it’s permanently out there and available to anyone that wants access to it. These types of people view the world only through their lens and the lens of people that look like them and were born into situations similar to theirs. They end up pushing some of those who really care about them, yet have a different background from them further and further away without even realizing it.

Understand that the words that come out of your mouth say so much about who you are at the core, and when you’re exposed, it’s hard to rebuild some of the bridges you’ve set ablaze.
#ToSayNoNameWontBeNoBlame #IfTheShoeFits

*Pardon any grammatical errors as this, just as most of my blogs are written during a spark of imagination, enlightenment etc. and I just want to push the message out ASAP.

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