Discover Your Gift…Fulfill Your Purpose

We were all placed here on this Earth to fulfill a purpose. We were also given a unique gift to be put into utilization for the fulfillment of that purpose. You may ask, “How do I even figure out what my gift is!?” Well that’s simple; “whatever you do the absolute best, with the least amount of effort is your gift.” (Les Brown)

You can try and complicate it all you want but that is as simple as it gets. You may discover your gift but have no idea what to do with it. If you are deligent enough you can figure out a way to benefit the lives of others with your gift no matter what it may be.


I have discovered over the past few years also that there is a way to monetize nearly any gift you may possess. Days and weeks and months of studying successful entrepreneurs and business people can expose you to countless ideas as to how you can make the best out of whatever you have to offer…BUT first, you must discover your gift. 

If you have doubts or concerns in regards to your gift, your purpose, or monetization feel free to complete the contact form below. 

Your Legacy Begins Now

When you begin to live YOUR life of purpose it literally feels like an out of body experience.

– B. Arthelius


Published by Brian A. Street

Born, raised and formally educated in South Mississippi. Relocated to Miami where I developed myself into a respected professional through continuous self-education and personal development incorporated with empowerment, competence and self-confidence acquired by properly aligning myself with those of worthy influence. I later returned to Mississippi to help spark educational and financial growth throughout the area by motivating, mentoring and empowering young people to tap into their potential and utilize it to its fullest for the betterment of themselves and all society. Currently I’m working on a PhD at LSU in Baton Rouge while running Your Legacy Begins Now.

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