Welcome to Your Legacy Begins Now! 

This blog was started in order to add to my arsenal necessary to help change the lives of all those that I encounter.  There are so many people that go through life never realizing their full potential and they go to their graves with treasures left inside. I grew up with numerous individuals with vividly obvious potential for greatness. Some of these people encompassed extraordinary athletic skills while others were clearly entrepreneurs in the making.  To their misfortune, their environment completely swallowed their individualism.  They ended up not coming anywhere close to fulfilling their full potential.

Image credit: The Positive Project
Image credit: The Positive Project

Who and what we become in life is a direct effect of either our environments or our thoughts. What thought are you allowing into your mind, and how are you allowing them to develop who and what you are?

I don’t want to spoil future entries by going into too much detail, so let me end with this;
“You lose in life until you can change the way you think…until you can see your purpose in life…until you believe in your ability to fulfill your purpose…and until you commit to use that purpose to bring about the betterment of your life and the lives of those around you.”

Brian Street


Published by Brian A. Street

Born, raised and formally educated in South Mississippi. Relocated to Miami where I developed myself into a respected professional through continuous self-education and personal development incorporated with empowerment, competence and self-confidence acquired by properly aligning myself with those of worthy influence. I later returned to Mississippi to help spark educational and financial growth throughout the area by motivating, mentoring and empowering young people to tap into their potential and utilize it to its fullest for the betterment of themselves and all society. Currently I’m working on a PhD at LSU in Baton Rouge while running Your Legacy Begins Now.

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